Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Arriving Soon To Foster Care

This dog is sweet, frightened but sweet - and we have had some crazy moments with him but he is safe and sound in my backyard inside a pen sleeping in a dog house now that he has his belly full. He is dirty and tired but is quiet. He could care less about my two dogs and the cat has stayed away. He needs a bath but I have to leave for a few hours and I am hoping he will stay settled until I get back - the pen is inside my fenced in yard but I dont' see him trying to escape either. He was frightened in the back of my friends suv but I stayed back there with him in the hatch part - leaving my own car running and the door open on a country road. :) He shows no signs of food agression, people agression or dog agression - just nervous but not bothered by much.

He has apparently been dumped in a rural area. A neighbor told me about him last week. She said she has been seeing him for almost 2 months! We started taking him food and water for the past week and finally got close enough in the vehicle to take these pictures. Tonight it took 4 of us to get close to him and put some Frontline on him then away he went - he is friendly but very frightened and afraid of humans - he is getting better now. He is very skinny and chases birds and chases birds. As you can see from these pictures, he is now safe and is getting the care he needs.